Incept Sustainability


A collection of commonly asked questions about how our system works, how data is stored, and how data is handled.

1. Why do you need to collect data as an e-learning platform?

The data collection part of our e-learning platform is purely for our analytics we offer companies so that they have a complete picture of where they are on their sustainability journey.

The data helps us to create an evaluation and report so that your company (or employer, if you are an employee), has an action plan for the next steps needed in becoming more sustainable and making more sustainable business decisions in everyday life.

Change needs to come from all those involved – and everyone together should be heard when a company transformation is happening. This is why it is so important that we get your feedback and that you engage and reflect upon the modules as you go through them.

2. What kind of data are you collecting?

We are collecting qualitative data (this means your thoughts, views, and ideas – not things like numbers or statistics). We do not collect (or ask for) any personally identifiable information. The only thing you need to get started is your company email, and a password of your choosing. We will never be able to see your password, but it should always be a strong one either way!

3. What is the sustainability data you collect used for?

The data collected is used to give your company feedback on sustainability efforts and ideas from every corner of the organisation via employees. The information you provide will be used by your company to create a concrete a concrete action plan as they begin to transition to more sustainable ways of working.

It is not just as a kickstart at the beginning of the process – but to ensure that the momentum is carried through and felt throughout the entire duration of the transition in becoming more sustainable.

It is the perfect environment that allows you to have a real hands on experience in shaping the company going forward as they strive for sustainability.

4. Can my employer see all my scores and results of the e-learning sustainability modules?

There is no “score” or right/wrong answers – and it is not an exam that you are tested on, so do not panic! As we do not collect any personally identifiable information, your comments and views are not tied to you as an employee.

Any comments, feedback, or ideas are categorised into departments (e.g. Finance, IT, HR etc.), not by the individual that said them – so you are able to speak freely when giving your feedback via our platform.