Incept Sustainability


The Incept Sustainability platform comes in three different packages:

Basic: A readymade package of e-learning modules to introduce and engage your employees in sustainability.
Basic+: A readymade package of e-learning modules with your own customised examples and feedback opportunities.
Tailored: A completely tailored e-learning and analytics experience made specifically for your organization.

Below you can see what is included in each of the packages.




Pre-made learning package

Customise e-learning examples and feedback analytics

Tailor e-learning to your organisation

Content design workshop

Interactive analytics dashboard

3-month access

Admin access

2 x support

Tailored support

Executive report, incl. recommendations

Follow-up meeting with sustainability expert

The tool creates value in all types of companies at a very reasonable entry-level investment to have many more people engaged in sustainability. We call this the Basic package. This will often be relevant for SMEs and companies fairly new to sustainability engagement.

For larger organisations and for those in need of a tailored solution, we offer either Basic+ or Tailored. The pricing may also vary depending on the total number of employees to be granted access to the e-learning platform and further wishes for additional features.

Please reach out to get a specific price for your organisation. Getting started is easy.